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Suspension Training Balls

2 holds


Ø 96mm


Stonesmith Suspension Training Balls are your versatile, portable training aid for functional strength gains at home or on the move.

Set Weight: 1.9 kg
Shaped by: Chris Card
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Product Description

Stonesmith Suspension Training Balls are your versatile, portable training aid for functional strength gains at home or on the move. Designed to be hung from any load-bearing bar or beam, the stainless steel eyelet fixing will accommodate almost any carabiner for quick and easy installation. Their large, comfortable radii create many grip options allowing for them to be pinched, wrapped or undercut depending on your training goals.


Suspension training forces the user to engage the smaller, stabilizing muscle groups in the upper body which can decrease the chances of injury whilst climbing. Creating stability whilst hanging from these provides an all-round, functional workout for the core, shoulders, forearms, grip and entire upper body.



  • Skin friendly texture
  • 316 Grade Stainless Steel Eyelet (990kg quoted breaking load)
  • Easily Mounted via any carabiner/sling/chain
  • Handmade in UK


*Please note that despite great care taken, due to manufacturing methods, there may be a small seam around the circumference of Stonesmith Suspension Training Balls. We will not ship any products on which a seam will impede performance or risk injury. If you require further information please email


Fixing to the wall

We recommend hanging Stonesmith Suspension Training Balls from any load bearing structure via a rated sling/chain, connected with a rated carabiner.


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1 review for Suspension Training Balls

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    “These seem to be the in thing at the moment, popping up on various training videos on the web. I recently got my hands on a pair and can see why they are so popular. So beautifully simplistic yet so versatile.

    Not only are they great fun but I think they are a great training tool that can provide multi-beneficial results. Unlike a pull up bar, which I have tended to do a lot of my basic training exercises on, the suspension balls allow you to improve a much more relevant grip position, the pinch. Moreover, as they are not static objects, many muscles groups have to work together to maintain stability in your body while using them. This effect can be amplified by hanging them at longer distances, providing yet more training benefit.

    How I have used the Suspension balls for training:

    – One arm assisted deadhangs – When doing one arm training on a fingerboard, I tend to use a rope/ sling suspended, holding the rope to assist the hang. I now have replaced the rope with one of the suspension balls. I figured this was far more effective as it also trains a little bit of pinch strength in the lower hand while doing the hangs.
    – Pinch training – in the past when training pinches I have often found it hard to accurately measure gains, however by holding them in your hands and hanging weights off the eyelets, you can easily measure your success. Simply increase weight or length of hold time.
    – One arm (or two arm) leg raises – this time I wrap my hands, with the eyelet between my index and middle finger. I start hanging in L sit, then keeping my arms straight, I raise my toes to meet my hands, keeping the L Sit the whole way through the exercise. For this exercises I normally try and hang the Balls on a long sling so my body has to work hard to maintain stability. This work out is great for shoulder and core strength.

    Lastly, these are great if you are on the move a lot and need a training tool you can easily take along with you, hang them from a tree or pull up bar in a gym. Equally, if you don’t have a lot of space in your home. You can hang a hook off a beam and clip them in, then when you are finished, unlike many fingerboards, you can just take them down.

    So annoyingly you don’t really have an excuses not to train.” – Dan Turner

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